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Guidelines For The Benefits Of How To Play Cock Fighting Online Guidelines For The Benefits Of How To Play Cock Fighting Online

Discussion About Guidelines For The Benefits Of How To Play Cock Fighting Online Watching cockfighting and betting real money in chicken matches is certainly very difficult for you to do in Indonesia because these activities have been banned and there are sanctions for those who break them.

But now with advances in technology you can see cockfighting matches and place bets on cockfighting provided by the cockfighters online.

By playing cockfighting online you can play safely without worrying that there will be raids or money carried away by the bookie. Because the site you are using is a trusted chicken dealer, namely S128 and SV388.

Compared to the original chicken gambling game. This type of game is more profitable. Where you can bet with a minimum bet. So there is no need to spend that deep. You can bet on one of the competing chickens. Besides that, there will also be odds that will become the benchmark for calculating your wins and losses. Coupled with direct and full payments. As well as an interesting bonus from this game, surely the benefits you can get are very tempting. The following below, we just discuss some of the guidelines for the benefits of how to play cock fighting online :

Preparing for Cockfighting Online:
• You should find a trusted online bookie / dealer that works together and provides account opening services on the S128 site.
• Register yourself at the dealer by filling in the registration form. Fill in the correct data according to your ID card, don’t forget to choose the type of online cockfighting game.
• Prepare a bank account (Mandiri, BNI, BCA, or BRI) to be registered on the agent’s website so that you can deposit / withdraw.
• After successfully registering yourself, you will get a Username and password to login to Log in first to ensure that the account provided is registered and can be played.
• Make your initial deposit. Once the deposit is received, the balance on the account will increase as deposited and means that you are ready to place bets on your first match.

Online Cockfighting Payment Methods:
• Meron: install IDR 100,000-. If the meron wins, you will get a prize of Rp. 75,000 + capital to a total of Rp. 175,000. But if the meron loses, then you lose Rp 100,000.
• Wala: install IDR 100,000. If Wala wins, you will get a prize of IDR 100,000 + capital to a total of IDR 200,000. But if Wala loses, then your loss is Rp. 91,000
• BDD: install IDR 100,000, – what if the BDD results you will be paid 8 x IDR 1000,000. So the total is IDR 800,000
• FTD: install IDR 100,000, – If FTF results, you will be paid 88 x IDR 100,000. So the total Rp.8,800,000

Many gambling games that you can now play in a way that is more exciting and more profitable.

Like the traditional gambling game that has been famous for a long time and now you can play with online services, namely online game cockfight gambling as a type of chicken fighting game. to carry out this game you need to choose the best dealer that can be relied on so that it will not disappoint you. The Way to Profit Play gambling Connect Chicken Online

Anyone you can play with steps and easier ways, including for this type of online game cockfight gambling. then you can play with more exciting steps because you will play in a more simple and modern way. How to Luckily Play Chicken Connect gambling

The way to play this game of fighting cocks is by guessing one of the roosters that will win or even with a state of series. So in this game you will watch live streaming for the fight between two types of roosters that will be pitted against each other.

So in this game the types of bets that you can choose and you can place to win include:
Mer Meron betting is to select one of the winning roosters, which is the red camp.
Ala The wala bet is to select one of the roosters on the stronghold.
BD BDD betting is an option for the situation where both chickens are dead before the fight time is up ie 10 minutes.
↬ FTD betting is a condition where both chickens are still alive and surviving so that both are referred to as a series state that is after time runs out.

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As for the ways that you can win more easily in this game, the ways that you can immediately apply are:
↬ You can still have time to think about bets that you will place before the fight starts so you must determine your bets more precisely and maximally.

↬ You need to know statistical data about two types of roosters that will compete with each other, such as the age of the chicken, the height and weight of the rooster and also the history of the battle that has been experienced by these chickens so that you will be easier in determining betting predictions that will you plug it in.
↬ You should know the history of roosters.

Then you can choose one of these bets which will be your choice to place bets according to the amount of money you will place bets.

There are some tips and tricks to play that can make money bettors in online cockfighting games. Which you can apply to play cockfighting and generate profits for you.

• Join Trusted Online Chicken Gambling Gambling
The first tips so that you as a bettor can play safely and comfortably then make sure to join and only play on trusted online gambling sites.

When joining a trusted betting site, you can get satisfying service and of course also a game that runs fairplay, and this becomes your chance of victory being in your own hands, for that reason always choose the online bookies carefully so as not to make mistakes.

• Manage Finances and Games Well
Sometimes there are many bettors who are adept at playing online cockfighting games and can often win the game, but the obstacle that often occurs is making mistakes in managing finances, so when winning can spend all that money for other purposes and have fun, if does not strengthen the betting capital then this can be a problem, when losing once it can run out of playing capital and this is due to incorrect money management.

• Learn Fighting Chickens and Odds at Cockfighting Online
When playing chicken fighting online, the thing you should know is the advantage of fighting chickens, the trick that can be done is that you have to bet carefully and place a bet on a fighting chicken that is considered to be able to win the game and this must also be combined by looking odds on the cockfighting market.

So in an online chicken fighting game, there are odds and all you have to do is look at the presentation of the advantages of betting options, so losing profits is very small, with a bigger loss, then you can bet on other options, which gives a bigger profit , rather than loss.

The Advantages And Types Of Fighting Cock Scales The Advantages And Types Of Fighting Cock Scales

Discussion About The Advantages And Types Of Fighting Cock Scales How to determine a good Fighting Chicken for a match is not only seen from the physical side only. But also must understand about the main characteristics of the chicken said to be good. Chicken can be said to be good to give a good game during the game. On this occasion we will discuss how to choose good chicken scales for the match.

Because the conditions that exist in these chickens can also affect the game when cockfighting. Indeed for the layman regarding the scales that exist in this chicken does not make any effect at all there is no game. However, for people who already understand using the selection of chickens used for battle, it is very important. Feed for people who already understand the selection of chickens, see good chickens starting from the scales of the chicken feet first.

Because for good chicken this is chicken that has dry scales and is also strong. If the chicken has a good side, it is likely for movement and also its health will be good too. It is also believed by many people who believe that if a chicken has a good side, it is likely that the chicken has a hard blow. Different as chosen by the layman only looks at the physical or physical size of the chicken.

The first is the side stone type lapak. If a chicken has scales of what type, it is most likely that it has a very hard size. In addition to a hard blow, chicken scales that have the features of this stall stone have a punch by reducing the stamina of the opposing chicken. Many people do not believe about it.

There is also a form of scales named after dragon scales for generations. You can see for the dragon scale, the characteristics of the back side of the chicken feet facing down. I am a person who believes that chickens having scales of this type have a lethal blow to chickens that are their opponents. That way, when people who understand eating chicken to buy, the most important thing is to see the physical. Because the strength of the chicken can be seen with the shape or physical features that exist in him.

There are also types of prey dragon scales, for physical features from here have a circular feature at the ankle of the chicken. For this type of scales like this is very rarely owned by most of the chickens used for combat today. Nobody has a chicken with physical characteristics like this. Most likely will be able to knock out the chicken that became his opponent in a fast time

Rock chicken scales, for this type of scales have all broken leg characteristics. Chicken that has the characteristics of scales like this, then the big chicken has a blow that leads to m + Add New Category or opponent. It is vital for the movement of chickens to be called, if a chicken’s foot hits the eye it will be very fatal. That way the chicken that has the characteristics are very feared by most people who will compete.

The last is Banda dragon scales, for this one side characteristic is similar to the skin of the salak fruit. For a chicken to have a physical trait it does make the verse attack quickly and it will also be quickly to be paralyzed by its opponent.

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How to determine a good Fighting Chicken for a match is not only seen from the physical side only. But also must understand about the main characteristics of the chicken said to be good. Chicken scales are one of the main sides in Bangkok chicken. That type of chicken is recognized as having unique characteristics and type of scales. Following below, we directly discuss the advantages and types of fighting cock scales :

➢ 1. Princess Kinurung’s Scales
Bangkok Chicken Complaints with the scale of the scales are characterized because there are scales that slip out between the main scales of the chicken feet. A leg blow from the kinurung daughter’s chicken can make her opponent sway and knockout. However, the competing techniques are usually monotonous with only a few movements of this maneuver.

➢ 2. Winarayan Delinquent Scales
It can be ascertained, the opponent will run helter-skelter frightened for example meeting with a chicken who has a delinquent scales in winarayan scales. The uniqueness of the chicken is the breaking of the little finger both left and right. His ability to punch can make you die KO. We can’t often get chickens with those customers, so on the biggest search website in the world called Google, we also don’t often find paintings or photos of chickens with delinquent stumps, Winarayan.

➢ 3. Satriya Sinekti’s scales
Satriya sinekti is the name of a chicken customer who does not have very sharp scales on his feet. Satriya Sinekti’s chicken feet are smooth without any scales. In the experience of a number of ancestors of chicken hobbyists in the past, the chicken with which the foot scales were tilted naturally won out in each match. However, satriya sinekti chicken is now increasingly difficult to find

➢ 4. Tanjung Karang scales
Bangkok chicken feet scales with which a coral cape is broken in the back of the left and right fingers. Bangkok chicken with scales like that generally will have a punch that is difficult to guess his opponent. Once hit on the side of the head, the chicken punch that has been said will be able to or can be a dazed opponent and lost consciousness.

➢ 5. Coral Scales
The uniqueness of bangkok chickens that have rock scales is all the scales on their feet are broken. The capability to maneuver is usually amazing. Sukai’s maneuver is aimed at the opponent’s eye. Because of this, it is very risky for example to reach the eye because it can cause the opponent’s chickens to experience permanent blindness.

➢ 6. Prey Dragon Scales
Even though the specific signal from the chicken with which the prey dragon scales and ubed jalu are, there is a ubed circular on the ankle makes it look like a bracelet. very often we can’t find chickens with scales like that. Blows from the prey dragon chicken will be able or can paralyze the opponent in a very short period of time.

➢ 7. Banda Dragon Scales
The arrangement of the dragon banda chicken feet scales looks like the skin of the salak fruit skin. General also referred to the scale of the customer referred to by the name of rice and rice sprinkles. Chicken beating with dragon banda scales is recognized as having good luck and can make the opponent’s chicken run helter-skelter even though the competition has only been running for a few seconds.

➢ 8. Ancestral Dragon Scales
The characteristic of bangkok chicken with hereditary dragon scales is characterized by which the back side of the feet facing downward. Chickens with such a range of scales generally have a very dangerous, hard and deadly blow. So it is admitted that a Bangkok chicken stroke with hereditary dragon scales, for example about an opponent’s bones, can cause bones that have been said to be broken inside.

➢ 9. Chain Stone Scales
Bangkok chicken stroke with which it is admitted that chain stone scales will feel hot, hard and painful for their opponents. Even so, chickens with scales like that based on experience will generally experience natural tenderness. The stone chain chicken is characterized by which there are scales under his fingers.

➢ 10. Lapak Stone Scales
Types of Chicken Scales in Cockfighting Gambling with which stalls are confessed to stalling stone scales will have a blow that can eliminate the opponent’s power. For example a chicken punch that has been said just about the neck and the head of an opposing chicken, so it can be sure the opposing chicken will sway and weak. Characteristics of the chicken with which I set it is that there are neatly arranged scales on the soles of his feet.

The Various Types Of The Best Fighting Cocks The Various Types Of The Best Fighting Cocks

Discussion About The Various Types Of The Best Fighting Cocks Culture for cockfighting is an ancestral culture in Indonesia, many of our ancestors have practiced this tradition from time immemorial.

Having a guang chicken that gaco can be a special satisfaction, especially if you maintain the chicken from the ingredients and you train it to be extraordinarily strong chicken.

Unfortunately there are still many players who use these fighting chickens as a means of gambling, in Indonesia alone cockfighting or chicken gambling is included in the crime.

Currently the most popular Aduan chicken is the Bangkok Chicken, but in fact many other types of Aduan chicken are no less popular.

Their uniqueness and ability is no less than Bangkok’s Chicken. Most come from Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, Brazil, Vietnam and Japan. Following below, we will discuss the various types of the best fighting cocks :

Bangkok Chicken
Occupying the first position of other types of chickens Complaints are Bangkok chickens originating from Thailand. First introduced by many cockfighting players in Tuban, East Java. Yep, this chicken is the most familiar in the ears of the Indonesian people, especially among fans of the Chicken Aduan.

Bangkok chicken is not like other chickens, the spread of chickens is very fast, in Indonesia it is very easy to find a Bangkok chicken. In addition, the price of bangkok chicken is not too high like other types of grievances except for bangkok jawara or have achievements, the price of bangkok jawara chicken is higher than usual.

Brazilian Chicken
As the name implies, this chicken originated from Brazil, its popularity is quite high. This chicken is one of the descendants of Shamo chickens originating from Japan, then with time the chicken was then bred in the South American Archipelago.

Bangkok Chicken is known as a true complaint, not only fast and strong on the fighting arena, Bangkok chicken is also considered the most brain or smartest chicken when in the battle arena in terms of finding effective ways to knock down opponents.

This chicken has a distinctive feather color that is yellowish brown. From the shape of the chicken posture is almost the same as a pelung chicken that has a big tall body.

This type of Brazilian chicken is famous for its agile and intelligent fighting style. Chicken lovers in Indonesia are willing to spend money to have Brazilian chickens. Not only good at dancing on the cockfighting arena, but also good at flinging opponents with an unexpected blow speed.

Burmese Chicken
Burmese chicken or Burmese chicken is a type of complaint chicken originating from Myanmar. Also known as a true complaint chicken that does not know fear. When fighting, the Burmese Chicken have an extraordinary passion to win the fight. Has a fighting style that is so offensive and Full Attack, attacking and attacking directly at the opponent.

His Full Attack fighting style is accompanied by a high accuracy of punch which makes this chicken a Full Speed ​​chicken. However, the shape and size of a small Burmese chicken 2 -2.5 kg, the bones are also small and thin. It’s incomplete if you don’t have a rooster from Brazil as one of the valuable collections.

Bulging eyes, smaller beak, less muscular face and body. Fur color is generally the color of undercooked maturity. Body more feathers, thick and long wing feathers. 100% authentic Burmese chickens still have white markings on their ears, as proof that these chickens are wild chickens.

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Chicken Shamo
Chicken Shamo originates from Japan, also known by the nickname “Mini Ninja from Japan”. So called because the shamo chicken is known as a fast moving chicken and has an extremely accurate punch about its opponent and deadly.

Although in the nickname of the Ninja Mini, don’t be fooled, compared to other grievances, Shamo’s most athletic physical form, a tall, well-built posture can hold up to 95 degrees when standing.

Not infrequently these chickens are able to have a weight of 4-7 kg, making it Complaints with the heaviest posture and can only be matched with chickens of the same size.

Physical characteristics: have a triple comb (walnutcomb), bright eyes, large beak and strong. The wing tips are slightly out of the body, the wing joints are clearly pointing upward, the muscular thighs are strong and clearly visible.

Bulging shoulders and short strong wings pointing down. Red skin on the chest that does not have much hair and has a broad chest.

Horizontal tail line, in the direction of the back or between the back lines. The color of the calf hair is yellow or yellow with black patches for chickens with black domination. Weight of male chickens around 5.6 kg and females around 4.8 kg.

Balinese Chicken
Balinese chicken is also known as Olagan chicken. This chicken comes from the island of Bali. The male can be raised to be used as a fighting cock.

Whereas hens can be used as egg producers with high egg production. According to information, this Balinese chicken male is less formidable in complaints, often if he has been hit by an opponent he often evades as he will run away.

But the blow is not inferior to fighting chickens like Bangkok chicken and Burma chicken. The advantage of Balinese / Olagan chickens is that they are more resistant to disease than native chickens.

For now the Bali chicken population is reported to continue to decline this is due to Balinese citizens not using it for use in offering ceremonies, so it is rarely maintained.

Ciparage Chicken
Ciparage chicken is a native Indonesian Aduan chicken which originates from the Cimalaya village, Ciparage Karawang, it is said that this chicken is a breed of chicken from the Duke of Singapore that is usually made by Aduan chickens in the 17th century kingdom.

However, this chicken has been very difficult to find or endangered, as a result the Rooster chickens that developed in Indonesia were replaced with Bangkok chickens from Thailand.

The original color of this type of chicken is not much different from Bangkok chicken consisting of yellow (golden), black, brown, white.

Formerly this type of chicken is famous as a tough chicken in the arena of complaint. High posture, slender with strong legs and spikes sticking out pointed, awkward knock down the opponent in a relatively short time.

Characteristics of Ciparage chickens: Body size is smaller than Bangkok chicken weighing around 2.5 kg. Single comb, blades, small, pale red jagged. Pair of wattles and small ear lobes with a pale red color too. Round head. The eyes protruded slightly, sharp fiery.

Short beak, sturdy, pale yellow color. Chest field with short and hard body hair. Strong wing bones, stick tight to the body. Curved long tail feathers. Feet slightly curved, yellowish white.

Pale yellow soles. Large long, curved spurs, sharp yellowish white. Its very aggressive. Produces eggs 10-14 eggs per period.

The Best Way To Train Bangkok Fighters The Best Way To Train Bangkok Fighters

Discussion About The Best Way To Train Bangkok Fighters To Make the Bangkok Chicken the Perfect Hero, the time and patience are the priority in caring for the fighting chickens such as bangkok chickens. The owner must train first on a regular basis, the same as his case with a boxer before he is really ready to get into the ring. The training is intended to make the champion strong, agile and more athletic in posture.

Bangkok chicken maintenance requires extra attention, namely physical exercise. The physical training of the true athlete’s body is aimed at knowing how tough our roosters are. The state of the body that is always fit, makes the champion ready for combat at any time. Initial Training, enter your champion chicken into the training center when your champion chicken shows the part of maturity.

For example, when you want to get close with the opposite sex. That period usually occurs at the age of 8-9 months. This is the right time to multiply the prospective hero. It means that he must be put in his own cage which is separate from other chickens. In the morning for two hours (8-9 hours) he is exposed to the warm sun. Young hero in the sun this morning should not wander around looking for food alone, especially looking for females. So he must be confined in the middle of the page. Then in the afternoon the hero is removed from the cage, and given a little freedom to move in a closed yard. Freedom that is only two hours, the hero must not be accompanied or at the same time with other chickens, especially females. Following below, we will directly discuss some guidelines for the best way to train Bangkok fighters :

• The initial stage is drying.
In the initial stage, the rooster is quite light training. This is because at that age the feathers are smooth, especially the feathers on the neck and tail. If you are pumped with a rather heavy training position, it is worried that it will be in pain and the fur is damaged. But not only in the sun, then there is a lack of additional strength of the body precisely by drying the breathing strength of the heart work better and the body becomes athletic and full. The Best Way to Train a Bangkok Chicken Fighter

Before drying the chicken, it must be bathed first. This wet body tries to dry itself by drying up water vaporization. This energy comes from carbohydrates as well as fat reserves that are behind the skin. That way the drying process will encourage roosters to reduce their fat content, of course the body is slim athletically.

During the sun, the body and feathers slowly dry. This is draining extra energy. Therefore, do not feel strange if the chicken is often gasping for air like running away. Wheezing breath means his efforts to enter oxygen, breathing exercises to remove fat to replace the energy lost during the sun. then by indirect drying we have trained and added strength to our heroes.

• The next level of practice is to ramble.
hold the base of the tail, and lift the chicken up high, so that the head is hanging down. Treated like this, Sijago will flap his wings and struggle to move his legs. Let this happen for a minute or two. Then the chicken is lowered and let it rest for a while. If necessary, and the condition of his body allows, the exercise can be repeated several times interspersed with rest. Chickens began to be given motion exercises, although they were still limited to wing and leg movements. But this exercise will produce double results. In addition to training the strength of the legs and wings also trained breathing. Chickens for chickens usually in the afternoon, because in the morning it has been dried in the sun. Before practice begins, the chicken also needs to be swaddled again, given enough food, and released for a while. An hour later the practice of striking may begin.

Simple and practical training to train your big cock, if you want to do extra training, it is permissible, but don’t let your hero get tired and cause pain and fatigue. The Best Way to Train a Bangkok Chicken Fighter

The Adunan Rooster you have will certainly not have a long breath if it has never been given special training. This of course will also result in the possibility of difficulty in being able to become a champion chicken who always handles in every battle field, predictably there might not be.

Long chicken breath is the initial capital of strong stamina for fighting chickens to be able to give their best performance on every game journey. Without a long breath, the chicken will get tired easily. He will only fight beautifully at the beginning of the fight, and stumbled catching the opponent’s punch at the end of the game so that it will lose easily without resistance.

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• Train Bangkok’s Chicken Breath
Realizing that long breathing is the main capital for champion chickens, so on this occasion we will share our experience of 4 Ways to Practice Fighting Rooster Breath for Long Lasting.

We have proven these exercises and are more effective when applied in conjunction with the provision of bangkok chicken herbs for long breaths whose recipes we have discussed in the previous article. Well, here we go straight to discuss one by one how to train the breath of Bangkok chicken!

➢ 1. Running Exercise
The first way that can be done to train Bangkok chicken breath so long is to provide running training. Routine running exercises are very effective in building stamina as well as the breath of our fighting chickens.

This exercise is done with the help of untulan chicken. The trick is that Untul’s chickens are taken running to lure chickens who are trained to fight. After the trained chicken is brave, the untul chicken is pulled back so that the trained chicken is chasing it. The trainer may carry the chicken to run to be chased by the chicken to be trained. However, trainers must be careful not to get hit by pecks or punches from trained chickens.

We often experience, because they are too emotional due to not being able to touch untul hens as anglers, trained chickens also vent their emotions to the trainer. Usually the feet of people who carry untul will be beaten and beaten repeatedly.

➢ 2. Cliter
To facilitate running practice, we can also implement exercises that Javanese people usually call cliter. A kliter is a way to make a chicken run around a double cage in which it is fed with chicken. Chickens placed inside a cage can be pigeons or baboons, male chicks, or can be a candidate who is in the process of training.

Besides functioning to strengthen breathing, this exercise is also beneficial to strengthen leg muscles, courage, and enthusiasm. This cliter training can be passed by chickens between 1-2 hours every day.

➢ 3. Fight in the hot sun
Fighting exercises in the hot sun can also train chicken breathing. This is due to training in a rather extreme environment that will strengthen chicken stamina. If the breath is good when fighting in the hot sun, then the chicken will not be surprised when diikuntukan to the arena of action. His breathing will be good so that he won’t be wheezing while fighting.

Long exercise in the hot sun is about 15 minutes which is done once a week. Fighting is done with experienced chickens or other chickens who are also in the training process. However, if the chicken used is a spurred chicken, the spices should be wrapped so as not to hurt each other.

Before putting it in the sun, the chicken needs to be fed one handful of white rice, then it is bathed. After wiping, the two chickens are placed. Finished tossed, the chicken was bathed again and dried.

➢ 4. Swimming
Swimming training in chickens is actually more aimed at making chickens have a balance of muscles throughout their body. Nevertheless, in addition to these goals swimming training also provides several benefits. One of them is making chicken breath longer.

Swimming makes the chicken always try to regulate his breath so it is not easily sluggish and can move his body so it does not sink. If swimming exercises are done routinely 2 times a week, there will be many benefits that you can get.

Effective Tips On Playing Online Sicbo Casino Serverbola Effective Tips On Playing Online Sicbo Casino Serverbola

Discussion About Effective Tips On Playing Online Sicbo Casino Serverbola For those of you online gambling players, of course you have heard of Sicbo dice online gambling. Sicbo gambling itself is one type of gambling game that can now be played online and has even been increasingly popular. Not a few also consider that Sicbo is an online gambling game that relies on the luck of the players, so it is very simple and easy to play.

Sicbo online gambling game can give you the excitement of playing easily, because you don’t need to use strategies and tricks to win this online gambling game. So, you can sit quietly, and do not need to bother to win this online gambling game. It doesn’t take long for you to master online gambling on this one.

Although in this game gambling gambling uses dice and relies heavily on luck in the game, but there are also things you might be able to do to help your victory, or at least give you more luck on each churn. The following below, we just discuss some of the guidelines for effective tips on playing online sicbo casino Serverbola :

Apply This Trick To Place A Favorable Betting in Sicbo Gambling
In online sicbo gambling you can place various types of bets for numbers from the 3 dice that come out. You can bet for odd or even numbers that come out, big or small numbers that come out, or if you feel lucky then you can bet your money on one specific number for maximum betting profit, that is if you are pressed or feel lucky.

The less likely you are to get that number, then according to the rules then if you win the bet then you will win more. But don’t be too tempted by how much profit you can make, because it will be very difficult for you to be able to guess with a very small presentation on your dice.

If you want to play safely on Sicbo online, you can place bets on an even number or even large and small numbers. But if you are desperate to play risky bets, then try to place on one number consistently. For example, you continue to put on the number 15 until the number comes out, and do not replace it with another number, before the calculation becomes loss.

Before You Play Sicbo, You Need To Know The Following Information
In terms of the game, online gambling gambling is very dependent on the luck of each player. So even though you have applied this trick, and used whatever powerful strategy it is, it still cannot guarantee that you can continue to win here. With this trick, you can at least increase your chances of being able to win a lot in this online gambling game.

If you feel unlucky, and always get an unexpected number of dice, try to change seats at the online gambling gambling table, or pause. Do not over-force your luck in this game, because if you are too pushy and greedy, you will only have a large loss many times.

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Sicbo is the most famous online casino game in Macao since 2002, where the game uses three dice that are shaken simultaneously and players are only asked to guess the outcome of the dice. For this game pattern is quite varied.

Sicbo games can now be played online through online gambling sites, so you no longer need to travel to Macao or casinos in various countries. Because the game system is Real, which is now known as Live Casino Online.

Single Dice Column
This bet type is a bet for a single dice which starts from number 1 to 6. Payout: 1 to 1 (Your bet will be paid for your initial bet)

Example: You put dice 1, dice 3 and dice 4 for 100 each. If the dice are 1, 3, and 5, then you win 200 (100 of dice 1 and 100 of dice 3).

Another example: If you put dice 1 for 100, and the dice that comes out are 1, 1, 3. Then you win 200 because dice 1 appears 2x.

2 Dice Combination Column
This bet type is a combination of 2 dice that may come out of 3 dice. Payout: 5 to 1 (Your bet will be paid 5 times the original bet)

Example: You put a 2 & 3 combination of 100. If the dice that comes out are 2, 3, and 5, then you win by 500 (5x fold).

Another example: You place a combination of 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 for 100 each. If the dice that comes out are 1, 2, and 3, then you have the right to win 1000 (500 for each bet).

Single Number Column
This bet type is a bet to guess the total number of numbers on 3 dice. Payout: Payout bets for Single Numbers vary from 6x to 50x depending on the number chosen. Payout is listed at the bottom of the number provided (see Point C in the picture)

Example: You put a Single Number 10 of 100. If the dice that comes out is 1.3,6 (total 10) then you are entitled to win by 600 (payout 6 to 1 or 6 times fold)

Another example: You put a Single Number 17 of 100. If the dice that comes out is 5,6,6 (total 17) then you are entitled to win by 5,000 (payout 50 to 1 or 50x fold)

Small / Big column
This bet type is a bet to guess whether Total Dices are in the small or large category. Small = 4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Big = 11-12-13-14-15-16-17 Payout: 1 to 1 (Your bet will be paid for your initial bet)

Example: You place Small or Small for 100. The dice that comes out is 1-3-4 (total 8), then you win by 100 too (payout 1 to 1).

Column 2 Twin Numbers
This bet type is a bet to place 2 twin numbers that may appear on 3 dice. Payout: 8 to 1 (Your bet will be paid 8x times your initial bet)

Example: You put twin number 1 for 100. If the dice that comes out is 1,1,5, then you win by 800 (payout 8 to 1).
Column 3 twin numbers

This bet type is a bet to place 3 twin numbers that may appear on 3 dice. Payout: 150 to 1 (Your bet will be paid 150 times the original bet)

Example: You put 3 twins as big as 100. If the dice that comes out is 3,3,3, then you win by 15000 (payout 150 to 1).

Insurance column 3 twin numbers
This bet type is a bet to place all 3 twin numbers that may appear. Whatever 3 twin numbers appear, then you will win. Payout: 24 to 1 (Your bet will be paid 24 times your original bet)

Example: You put Insurance 3 twin numbers of 100. If the dice that comes out is 6,6,6 then you win by 2400 (payout 24 to 1).

N.B: If the result that comes out is 3 Twin Numbers, then for Big / Small and Odd / Even type bets are declared LOSE.

Example: You put Big and Dice that come out are Twin Numbers 5 (Total 15 / BIG). Then your bet will be declared LOSE.

Quick Tips Guide to Winning Online Joker338 Roulette Gambling Quick Tips Guide to Winning Online Joker338 Roulette Gambling

Discussion About Quick Tips Guide to Winning Online Joker338 Roulette Gambling Roulette Gambling Games is one of the types of games found in casinos in addition to online sicbo listings. This gambling game will be led by a Dealer (dealer) who will spin the “small wheel” in a direction, then proceed to throw a small ball in the opposite direction on a rounded tilted surface which causes the ball to spin and fall on the surface of the wheel on one of 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) colored boxes and numbers on the wheel.

In the Roulette disk, the zero slot is green and the slots numbered from 1 to 36 are divided into 2 colors namely black and red. In addition to the wheels to be provided, there is a place to place bets which are numbered from 0 to 36 with alternating colors namely black and red except 0 (green). The difference is the number wheels are not made sequentially around it. Following below, we will discuss some of the quick tips guide to winning online Joker338 roulette gambling :

♦ How to play Roulette:
• Find a table according to the desired bet amount. Each table will have a plaque that explains the maximum bet and drink on the table, so adjust it to your liking.
• In Roulette, you don’t need any strategy. Only sheer luck is expected here. You certainly have the same chance of winning every round you play.
• It’s time to start your game, you are free to place your coins in boxes or on lines between boxes on the betting table. These coins have different colors with different values.
• The wheel will rotate and the dealer will throw the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation. After the ball stops at a certain number, the dealer will place a marker on the winning number (winning bet pieces). The losing bet will be eliminated first, after that the winners will be paid. The process will be the same in the next round.

Straight Up Bet
Place a bet on one single number (including zero). Installed in the number. If the ball stops exactly with the number you placed, then you win a bet of 35 to 1 or 35 times the original bet.

Example: If you put a Straight Up of 1000, then you will get 35000 if you win.

Split Bet
Placing a bet on a line between two numbers at the same time next to each other, If the ball stops at one of the two numbers placed, then you will win a bet of 17 to 1 or 17 times the original bet.

Example: If you install a Split of 1000, then you will get 17000 if you win.

Street Bet
Place a bet at the end of each number line. Street bet includes 3 numbers. If the ball stops in one of the three numbers in the line that has been placed, then you will win a bet of 11 to 1 or 11 times the original bet.

Example: If you place a Street of 1000, then you will get 11000 if you win.

Corner Bet
Place a bet on one corner where the four numbers meet at once. Corner bet includes 4 numbers. If the ball stops at one of the four numbers that have been placed, then you will win a bet of 8 to 1 or 8 times the original bet.

Example: If you place a Corner of 1000, then you will get 8000 if you win.

Six Line Bet
Place bets on 6 numbers at the same time at the end of two lines at the intersection. Six line bet includes 6 numbers. If the ball stops in one of the six numbers placed, then you will win a bet of 5 to 1 or 5 times the original bet.

Example: If you put a six line of 1000, then you will get 5000 if you win.

Inside Bet column
Place a bet on one of the boxes that says ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column. This column includes all the numbers in the column, which are 12 numbers (zero not included). If the ball stops at one of the numbers in the column placed, then you will win a bet of 2 to 1 or 2x from the original bet.

Example: If you install a Column Inside of 1000, then you will get 2000 if you win.

Dozen Bet
Place a bet on one of the three boxes that say ‘1 st 12’, ‘2 nd 12’ or ‘3 rd 12’ which includes all the numbers in that column that are 12 numbers for each column. If the ball stops at one of the numbers in the column placed, then you will win a bet of 2 to 1 or 2x from the original bet.

Example: If you install a Dozen of 1000, you will get 2000 if you win.

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Low or High Bet
Place a bet on one of the boxes that says ‘1-18 ′ or ’19 -36’. Here you only need to choose whether you want to put the first 18 digits or the last 18 digits. If the ball stops in one of the numbers in the box that is placed, then you will win a bet of 1 to 1 or 1 times the initial bet.

Example: If you put a Low or high of 1000, then you will get 1000 if you win.

Red or Black Bet
Place a bet on one of the colors namely red and black. Each color includes 18 numbers. If the ball stops at one of the numbers that have the same color as the one placed, then you will win a bet of 1 to 1 or 1 times the original bet.

Example: If you install Red or Black for 1000, then you will get 1000 if you win.

Place a bet on even (even) or odd (Odd) numbers including 18 numbers for each. If the ball stops at the wrong number corresponding to the one placed on the Event or Odd, then you will win a bet of 1 to 1 or 1 times the original bet.

Example: If you put an Even or Odd of 1000, then you will get 1000 if you win.

Please place a bet by placing a minimum bet, and don’t be too ambitious to play more when you are losing. You can try again when it’s fresh, and good luck.

Winning Tricks And The Term Playing Play338 Blackjack Online Winning Tricks And The Term Playing Play338 Blackjack Online

Discussion About Winning Tricks And The Term Playing Play338 Blackjack Online The first thing you need to do is learn about how to do some basic card tips and how to calculate Blackjack Numbers. If you have understood the steps to play so you are ready to try playing immediately into the Online Casino. The following below, we will discuss about some winning tricks and the term playing Play338 blackjack :

➢ 1. Start All Things with the minimum amount of bets where you can try reading the conditions on the table or warming up. This guide applies to Play any Online Casino such as Roulette, Baccarat, Slot Machines, and others

➢ 2. Discard Everything Superstition About Blackjack, Indeed Superstition can make you believe that you can manage something that cannot be controlled. Also, however, in conquering Online Casinos, it takes a real systematic method. Not only by using Ramalam or Talisman Casinos that can make you win.

➢ 3. Practice first by using the Hi-Lo Calculation Method, This game is very easy, however in a very fast game, this work will also be difficult. A balanced calculation system is the most accurate, however it is also the most complicated where this system requires your systematic mental ability to consider the benefits and bet according to the same amount of profits. for further information you can learn about this hi-lo system in the book “Professional BlackJack” made by Wong.

➢ 4. Understand the Play Blackjack Conditions and Benefits in the Player or Dealer section. The meaning of this is that you need to recognize what benefits each side has. where if you have obtained a value of 17 so do not try to add the card again. because it is very fatal if you get an additional card with a value above 5 which will also make you lose later. And we need to be smart to look at the Dealer card where if the Dealer card that is opened for the first time scores a value of 12, then quickly withdraw from that bet. because generally the dealer will also win and get a Top Score of 21.

➢ 5. Play Progressive Losers for example at the beginning you make a bet of Rp. 100,000, and if you lose, double your bet. If you win so repeat with a bet of Rp. 100,000. Basically, every time you lose so double your bet. this can be very tense if you are not lucky (losing 4-6 times in a row), even if you persevere using that method so your chances of losing are very small.

➢ 6. Understand basic opportunities. Doubling Down, Insurance, Splitting, and Surrender are examples of bets that benefit casinos (because they are generally not used intelligently).

➢ 7. Avoid drinking When you play when you are drunk, you will also play poorly. and cannot make you Concentrated in Playing this Blackjack Gambling.

➢ 8. If you want to learn a more in-depth calculation system, determine whether the extra profit of 1 / 2-1% that you will also get is worth the effort (IDR 6,000 to IDR 12,000 per each betting profit of Rp1,000,000.

➢ 9. Some Blackjack games cannot be conquered simply by calculation. Minor regulation changes will also increase / reduce the level of dampactivity of all existing system counts, so find a place to play with the same conditions.

➢ 10. Recognize when you stop, if you have won twice your capital. so stop playing quickly and work on your credit withdrawal. because the more you take too long at the gambling table. so the greater your chance to lose. Because according to the adage that there is revealed that the longer you are at the Casino, the stronger your curiosity and coupled with a sense of greed to win that gambling even though in fact at the end in the end that we will also get only the waiting defeat.

Thus the article that we can present today that discusses about Tips on How to Secret Always Win when playing Blackjack Casino Online. Hopefully it can be useful and can add to your insight about this type of sport.

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For those who are used to being classified as beginners, they might say that blackjack is not difficult. The reason is because the terms used in this initial two-card gambling game are so few that the bettor doesn’t need more learning when playing online gambling games on the internet. Some of these terms are usually in the form of buttons and menus on the online casino website on the internet. One of the goals of the profit is that it will bring a chance to win money betting.

Beginner betters usually don’t know a few terms in the menu or buttons at online casinos. in blackjack a bettor must be able to understand about it. One of them is an online gambling game on the internet in the hope that many things can be done. As a consideration where for a bettor should always be interesting to be used as one of the reasons or references in an online gambling game in it. One of the advantages in online gambling games where for every player must know the term in depth.

Here are the terms in the blackjack gambling game

The term or button hit is used to take another card. Usually the cards are loaded by the dealer at the gambling table and can be chosen by the bettor. All bettor have the right to take cards or make a hit if it is felt that the total card is still possible to get closer to 21.

Stand positions are taken and betors are not allowed to make hits in the next round. If you have a stand, the bettor usually approaches the number 21 or even has a card with a total value of 21. It does not automatically finish because it is still waiting for one round before everything is finished.

Double down
This is for the process of doubling the bet. Every bettor who does a double down must increase the bet amount by two times or 100 percent. After that he will get one additional card and then he will stop or do a stand.

Split menu to double the bet amount by only one card. So after getting his first card a bettor does a split by raising the bet money twice the initial initial bet money then he gets the second card.

Giving up is the last step if you are very sure that your card has lost. A losing card does not mean a card that exceeds 21 because if it exceeds 21 it automatically loses and has no right to surrender or surrender. With a surrender a bettor will lose half of the bet money.

How To Select And Play Arenagaming88 Casino Online How To Select And Play Arenagaming88 Casino Online

Discussion About How To Select And Play Arenagaming88 Casino Online In choosing an online casino game, it is sometimes difficult and easy. There are many considerations that we should be able to consider well. If you really need the right choice, then you must know the characteristics and advantages of the game in question.

Did you know that there are tons of online casino games that you can play? From the many choices of the game in question, you should be able to select a few or even just one of them. Following below, we will directly discuss some guidelines on how to select and play Arenagaming88 casino online :

• Select Games that are rarely played
Usually a game that is rarely played by many people, it has several advantages compared to the one that is played often or a lot. The most widely played game is usually chosen because it’s easy. If the game is easy, then this will give you ease in playing. If you can play with a busy game, then this will make it easier and possible to be able to get what is wisely considered later. Now if you try against the current, then this will make it very easy and allow you to win big.

• See Reviews from Many People
To find the proof, then you must be able to find information from many sources. At least there is an easy way you can do that is by trying to pay attention and consider about the reviews that have been offered a lot. If there are indeed many reviews that provide a lot of information about the great fortune that can be obtained, then you can try to choose also later. Of the many existing reviews, be sure to choose a game with more positive reviews than the negative reviews actually provided.

• Prove Yourself
The best way is to prove it yourself. In this case, not only can you get huge profits, but more than that you can also get a variety of advantages and other benefits. You can know how difficult the game is whether you can get all the big chances of winning it easily or not. Now by means of proof of your own, you also can later decide whether to continue to play or not. If indeed you have a strong reason, then only then can you get many things wiser again later.

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When playing casino, there is definitely the thing you want the most. As we all know, this desire is to win a lot and get a jackpot with huge profits. Everyone will want to win when playing casino. Especially at this time many casinos that offer a lot of prizes.

It can even reach tens of millions of rupiah. But the way to win isn’t as easy as you think. Many players have played many times but never won at all. Maybe they didn’t do the casino winning guide correctly or maybe they were out of luck.

• Play Casino To Win Easily
In a casino game you can’t rely on luck alone or just the right strategy. the two must be interconnected. You must be lucky and must use the right strategy. Actually there are lots of strategies you can use, so you can win easily. when you enter a trusted online casino.

There are tons of games that you can play. Every game has different rules. There are roulette games that guess numbers on a circle board, dice games guess the numbers come out, slot games that bet with slot machines and many others.

To win, you must understand all the rules of the game. what category of victory you must achieve. Most of the games at the casino do require high predictions and luck. For example in a roulette game, you only need to guess where the ball will stop.

At what number, odd or even numbers, on the red or black board and many others. then for the dice game, you only need to guess the numbers that come out of the 3 dice that are shaken, luck is very important in this game. By understanding all of these rules the possibility of winning will be even greater,

Casino winning guides must also know how to manage finances well. if you continue to spend money on bets without an accurate estimate. Maybe it’s not the victory you get but instead loses all capital. All professional players always apply this.

They know when it’s time to add bets or stop. They also have the right target. For example, just one day is enough to spend Rp. 300,000. whether it loses or wins, it must stop. So the rest of the capital, you can use in other games or on other days.

Focus on one game. Don’t play many games at one time. Complete one game, then play another game. This will make you more focused and can win easily.

Many novice players like to play in many games, so they can get a big profit. If you use this method, it will actually make you overwhelmed and eventually lose. but to make a decision on online betting, it only takes a few minutes.

If you want to win, don’t ever stop learning. Occasionally play in foreign casinos or enter foreign forums. There you can steal the strategies used by professional players.

Then practiced at a local casino ,. Playing at an international casino will also provide many benefits because the prizes are very large. In the most important casino winning guide, you know your own abilities. Know when to continue the game and when to stop. Know how many bets are placed and know which table to have. That way the chance to win is even greater.

Tricks for Playing Super10 Unitedpoker99 Online Tricks for Playing Super10 Unitedpoker99 Online

Discussion About Tricks for Playing Super10 Unitedpoker99 Online This Super10 game also called Samgong is a simple game that uses playing cards and this game is inspired by the game Samgong or Three Pictures. The difference is that we play Super10 / SuperTen together with other players and there is no dealer / dealer, while the game Samgong, players play with dealer / dealer.

The possibility of winning will be greater and manifest if playing with a mood that is not hot, peaceful and brings enough capital. The following below, we just discuss some of the guidelines for tricks for playing super10 Unitedpoker99 online :

Each player will queue before the first 2 cards are dealt.
Before the game even starts, all players are required to make a bet to start a game called Ante. Without this initial bet, the game will be very boring because no one is required to put money into the pot. The betting round will then start from the last winner, where each player has the option to check, raise / bet or fold.

➢ 1. Check = Player will continue the game without adding any bets.
➢ 2. Raise / Bet = The player will continue the game by adding bets and force each player to be forced to bet (raise / bet) or give up (fold)
➢ 3. Fold = The player will give up and not follow the bets on the table and wait for the next game.

After the third card is opened the first round betting is completed, and another round of betting will begin.


Is a 3-card picture alias alias combination of cards from King, Queen or Jack with a free symbol (Heart, Diamond, Curly, and Diamond)

➢ 2. Super Ten
The combination of 3 cards with a total amount is 10

➢ 3. Value Ten
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 20 and 30 with Q cards Q has a value of 10

➢ 4. Value 9
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 9

➢ 5. Value 8
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 8

➢ 6. Value 7
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 7

➢ 7. Value 6
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 6

➢ 8. Value 5
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 5

➢ 9. Value 4
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 4

➢ 10. Value 3
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 3

➢ 11. Value 2
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 2

➢ 12. Value 1
The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 1

♦ Game Rules Super10
• If the total number of cards consists of 2 digits, the last digit will be taken as the value of the card
• For cards J Q K will have a value of 10
• If there are 2 or more players who have the same card value (highest card value in the round) then the winner will be determined by the player who has the highest card (K – A) and if the highest card is the same then the winner will be determined from the flower / flower from the highest card (Spades / Diamonds, Hearts, Curls and Diamonds).

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Super10 is the latest game that plays almost the same way as Samgong. Where the card used is playing cards. Even though I say it’s similar to Sakong’s game, there are striking differences between Super 10 and Samgong.

For those of you who want to be able to win instant fast in this game, here are some steps that must be observed by you and can be applied when playing this game.

♦ Learn the Super 10 Game
The thing that certainly must be done by beginners is to learn the Super 10 game first. You have to know how to play Super 10 and also the rules in the game.

♦ Preparing Capital
The second thing is to prepare sufficient capital. To play, GameGame recommends that you prepare a minimum of 10x the amount of the bet on the table. Because that way you can raise your bet when the cards you hold are good

♦ Playing on a Small Table
For every gambling game, beginners are always advised to play at a small betting table first. So that beginners can learn to play Super 10 and if you lose you don’t lose too much capital.

♦ Bluffing
You can do bluffing if the card you get isn’t good enough. By bluffing you can make your opponents surrender so that you will win the game. But keep in mind, this technique is sometimes not very effective for some players. So be careful when you do bluffing.

♦ Play With Focus
When you play, try to focus because the conditions of your chances of victory depend on the level of your focus. If you have a good focus, then your chances of victory are also greater. Vice versa.

This is our article that discusses some tricks for playing online super10 games that you must understand well before playing the super10 0nline gambling game so that your game is not always about losing.

Poker Vaganza Online Gambling Strategy Poker Vaganza Online Gambling Strategy

Discussion About Poker Vaganza Online Gambling Strategy Perch being a successful online poker player is certainly not an easy thing to do. When we talk about the development of online poker, we are usually focused only on the capabilities of a poker player.

Surely there will also be no connection if you see things smelling with online poker playing tutorials can have a big impact on those of you who want to play poker. Therefore, we will explain the techniques below to be successful when playing online poker gambling.

Successful poker players are aware of one thing that poker is actually a game with a million ups and downs. and a poker player should not waste time on the same thing, if he is stuck somewhere. think again about other ways to increase the chances of his victory.

Try to focus on just one thing that you can handle. Do not be too greedy to control everything, but if you have not been able to, it is the same as killing yourself and lower your chances of victory at the gambling table.

Especially when we have won a fantastic number of bets on the gambling table, try not to be easily satisfied and rearrange strategies that you can improve. but there still needs to be consideration so as not to take the wrong step.

Almost everyone sometimes thinks that poker is a battleground where you, with the people at the gambling table, are enemies fighting for victory. But, the assumption is not entirely true. Because in a game, not knowing the limits and what the game is, the nature of sportsmanship is what we must keep. Winning or losing is normal, but if you are sporting, that victory will come naturally.

Indeed, poker is a game that takes energy, brain and time. However, that does not mean you have to force yourself to stay awake in front of the poker table, you also have to maintain your lifestyle correctly, because we are also human beings and at times can get sick.

There is no other way. To be successful at poker, you have to spend hours. You must stay consistent. A successful poker player knows he will start and finish his game, an unsuccessful person will easily convince himself that he does not need to do it.

One successful poker betting player will use the stop loss or stop win method when absolutely necessary, while others will often use or not use them excessively. Disciplined players will stick to their bankroll management strategies, power through variance and emerge victorious.

Poker is a family card game that shares betting rules and usually (but not always) in hand rank. Poker games differ in how cards are dealt, how hands can be formed, whether high or low hands win bets in battles (in some games, bets are divided between high and low hands), betting limits and how many betting rounds are allowed.

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In the most modern poker games, the first round of betting starts with some form of forced contract. The action then proceeds to the left. Each player in turn must either match the previous maximum or fold bet, lose the amount of the bet so far and all further interest in the hand. A player who matches a bet can also increase, increasing the bet. The betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded.

If all but one player folds on each round, the remaining players collect their bets and can choose to show or hide their hands. If more than one player remains in the fight after the final betting round, the hand will be displayed and the winning hand takes the bet. Following below, we will directly discuss the powerful strategy to play online Poker Vaganza gambling :

➢ 1. Choose the right table / room according to the skill you have and the sufficient number of chips:
Don’t play into the game with a higher bet just because you win a round easily. Better to be the best player in the table / room than your chips are reduced and even run out in other rooms.

➢ 2. Play patiently and wait for a good card:
In playing poker not only skills are needed, patience in playing is also needed. Therefore we must wait for the moment when we have to do Allin with the card in our hands.

➢ 3. Don’t depend on high cards:
If in playing a pair of cards in your hand are always small cards, you can try to follow the round of the game. Because a large card in the hand does not necessarily guarantee victory if the card we hold does not combine with 5 (five) cards that come out on the table / table.

➢ 4. Don’t play when you are angry / emotional:
You will not play your best way if you think emotionally rather than rationally. Take a moment to calm down, otherwise this will be very risky for you. Because other players can take advantage of this situation and get profit from you.

➢ 5. Always ready to close your card / FOLD:
Don’t feel like you have to follow every round of the game on the card in your hand, because your ballance / chips could be used up because you always follow the game round. If the cards in your hand are not good (bad) you should not take the round, no matter how many pots / bets you have in that round.

➢ 6. Believe in your own abilities:
Here you will be tested your ability to play, if you play see / be surrounded by many people around you. You better believe in yourself and your feelings, although sometimes the words of those around you are true. But here the one playing is you are not the person who is in your arms, remain in your stance with the card that you hold at the time.

➢ 7. Always be humble and accept defeat:
keep a good attitude if you win a bet and accept defeat in the field if you lose the battle for defense.

So some surefire tips on Playing Poker Online from Mimin, hopefully it can be useful. Thank you for visiting and reading the article. Enjoy playing and good luck.