This is the Type of Easy Dumbbell Movement – Today many people want to be able to get a very superior profit for themselves and there will also be many more things to take care of.

If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, don’t leave them alone! You can actually have a good and fit body every day just by using these dumbbells. Especially during a pandemic like this, almost all of your activities are always spent at home, right?

There are variations of dumbbells movements that you can do at home to get the ideal body shape. Check out the list of these movements below.

This is the Type of Easy Dumbbell Movement

1. Dumbbell Floor Press
If you don’t have a bench to work your chest on, you don’t have to worry. You can still do bench press movements like in the gym by simply lying on the floor holding a pair of dumbbells.

Dumbbells floor press is an exercise that will have an effect on your shoulders, triceps, and chest. The dumbbell sports floor press is the easiest version of the bench press. This movement can be the right solution if you don’t want to injure your shoulders or back.

2. Dumbbell Deadlift
Do you want to do deadlifts like in the gym but don’t have a barbell? Do not worry! You can still deadlift with a pair of dumbbells too, you know!

The dumbbell deadlift has a variety of movements that you can try. The movement variations are very diverse, ranging from the Romanian Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Conventional Deadlift, Suitcase Deadlift, and others.

Deadlifts are a compound movement, which means that they can train many parts of your body. The examples of these body parts are the back, stomach, biceps, buttocks, forearms, and others.

3. Dumbbell Row
To train the back muscles, one of the popular types of movement is the dumbbell row. You only need a pair of dumbbells to have cool back muscles.

Generally, dumbbell rows can be done while standing or leaning on a chair. Dumbbell row not only benefits your back, but also has a positive impact on your overall upper body area

Tips for Earning a Lot of Money With Investments for Beginners – Currently, more and more people are investing to get good profits in the future very well and correctly.

Who doesn’t want to achieve financial freedom? This is certainly a dream for all of us so that we can live peacefully in the future. But saving money in savings alone is not enough, because it is not comparable to inflation.

As a result, investment can be one solution. Investing is a challenging thing, because everything is filled with uncertainty. Especially for beginners who have never done it. There are so many things that affect a person’s success or loss in investing.

Tips for Earning a Lot of Money With Investments for Beginners

However, this should not make you afraid to try. Well, to help potential novice investors,

1. Arrange a mature financial plan
For you novice investors, set up a mature financial plan before investing. This is important considering that you need to know first what your current financial condition is. By knowing how to manage it, you can plan your investment in the winwithruss  future.

One thing you need to pay attention to is whether your financial condition is safe to meet your needs. You can start knowing it by checking your expenses and income first.

2. Determine what your target is in investing
At the beginning of starting an investment, you need a target to live it. Usually, there are long-term and short-term investment goals. By having a target, your investment will focus more on what your investment goals are.

For example, you want to invest for old age or retirement. You can use investment instruments that will indeed be more profitable if done longer. Try to determine that first!

3. Recognize the risks
Before investing, it is very important to recognize the risks of the chosen investment. The bigger the profit, the higher the risk. You have to understand what the potential advantages and disadvantages of this investment are. The risks that you know up front can also be your consideration in choosing an investment. You don’t want to be nervous about the investment you choose, right?

Cardiovascular Disease Facts from Lack of Vitamin D – Currently, there are more and more types of diseases caused by lack of vitamins that we digest, therefore we must increase the intake of vitamins that are good for the health of the body.

Not only age and family history, cardiovascular disease can also be triggered by lifestyle and other concomitant medical conditions. However, recent research has revealed that there are other factors that can cause cardiovascular disease, namely vitamin D. Check out the full research review!

Cardiovascular Disease Facts from Lack of Vitamin D

1. The research involved data from nearly 300,000 participants
Published in the European Heart Journal in December 2021, Australian researchers investigated the connection between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D/25(OH)D and risk of cardiovascular disease. For information, 25[OH]D is a marker of vitamin D in the body.

Entitled “Non-linear Mendelian randomization analyzes support a role for vitamin D deficiency in cardiovascular disease risk”, the researchers took data from 295,788 participants (44,519 cardiovascular patients and 251,269 control cases) in the 2006–2009 period.

Participants filled out questionnaires about medical conditions and lifestyle at the start of the study and provided blood samples for biomarker and genetic testing. Through genetic testing, the researchers obtained information about 25(OH)D.

2. Few supply vitamin D
The investigators then compared the results to a control group (without a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease). In addition to cardiovascular risk, the researchers also examined the relationship between 25(OH)D concentrations and blood pressure.

Of the 267,980 participants, the researchers noted the average concentration of 25(OH)D was 50 nanomol per liter (nmol/L). As a result, the researchers also noted:

A total of 11.4 percent (32,868) participants had concentrations below 25 nmol/L.
A total of 41.3 percent (119,243) of the participants had concentrations between 25 and 49.9 nmol/L.
A total of 35.3 percent (101,848) of the participants had concentrations between 50 and 74.9 nmol/L.
A total of 10.5 percent (30,314) of the participants had concentrations between 75 and 99.9 nmol/L.
A total of 1.4 percent (4,110) of the participants had concentrations between 100 and 124.9 nmol/L.
A total of 0.2 percent (570) of participants had a concentration of more than 125 nmol/L
A total of <0.1 percent (107) participants had a concentration of more than 150 nmol/L.

3. Results: although non-linear, vitamin D deficiency triggers cardiovascular disease
The researchers noted that participants with serum 25(OH)D concentrations in the 25 nmol/L range had an 11 percent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, compared to 50 nmol/L concentrations. However, the researchers saw a slight reduction in cardiovascular disease risk in individuals with high 25(OH)D concentrations.

The participants who had a concentration of 75 nmol/L recorded a risk of cardiovascular disease only 2 percent lower, compared to the concentration of 50 nmol/L. This phenomenon is called “non-linear association”, a condition when a change in value does not reflect a constant change in another variable.

Vitamin D deficiency also applies to the relationship of 25(OH)D concentration to blood pressure. In participants with 25(OH)D concentrations in the range of 25 nmol/L, there was a significant risk of high blood pressure or hypertension when compared to those with 50 nmol/L.

With these non-linear findings, the researchers note that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular disease events.

This is a List of History Museums in Solo – Nowadays there are more and more museums that can be visited easily, museums are not only about history but also many contain places that are very rarely encountered by many people who are happy to know what is in there and also have a lot of great value. can be taken as a lesson. Museums are a means of learning about culture and history. In Solo, there are several museums that can be visited to learn or just to see the origins of a culture. These museums are full of education. The following museums must be visited when in Solo.

This is a List of History Museums in Solo

1. Radya Pustaka Museum
Radya Pustaka Museum is a museum sayingszone  that contains objects of past cultural relics such as wayang, masks, a set of gamelan, books, manuscripts, and so on.

This museum was built during the reign of Pakubuwono IX by Kanjeng Raden Adipati Sosrodiningrat IV. This museum had moved locations at the beginning of its existence until finally moved to its current location, namely on Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 275, Sriwedari, District, Laweyan, Surakarta City, Central Java.

2. Archipelago Keris Museum
The Keris Museum is a museum that stores thousands of kris from various parts of the country. We can find a large collection of kris here. This museum has four floors.

Not only that, the museum is also equipped with information about its history, how to make it, and what a keris is used for. This museum is located in the center of Solo city.

The public entrance ticket is only around Rp. 7,500 for the public. The location is located on Jl. Bhayangkara No. 2, Sriwedari, Kec. Laweyan, Surakarta City, Central Java.

3. Lokananta Museum
Lokananta Museum is a museum that plays an important role in the history of music in Indonesia. This museum was once a music recording studio and was also used for printing and duplicating LPs.

One of the important objects found in Lokananta is the original disc recording of the national anthem Indonesia Raya, which was created by W. R. Supratman. In this museum there are also old music recordings, a large collection of cassettes, LPs, and players.

You only need to pay IDR 25,000 to be able to explore the history of Indonesian music in this museum. The location is on Jl. A. Yani No. 379, Kerten, Kec. Laweyan, Surakarta City, Central Java.

4. National Press Monument Museum
The National Press Monument Museum is a place to store the history of treatment in Indonesia. Inaugurated on February 9, 1978, this museum contains the development of the world of journalism from time to time. Starting from the Dutch East Indies era to the present. Not only that, the development of world journalism is also here.

There is a diorama in this museum. Diorama itself is a small view presentation that is formed to get a picture of an environment. In addition, there are statues of press figures in Indonesia.

If you want to learn more, here is also a library that has a lot of literature on world knowledge. Admission to the National Press Monument is free. We only need to register our personal data at the registration desk.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Garut – As we all know that nowadays more and more people want to enjoy their holidays with their loved ones or with their families. Tourist attractions in Garut are one of the places you can visit to relieve stress, you know. Garut area is famous for its culinary, namely lunkhead. In addition, there are many tourist destinations that present beautiful panoramas and are ready to spoil the eyes. For those of you who like to take pictures, Garut is one of the right photo spots.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Garut

Tourist Attractions in Garut: Situ Bagendit
This destination is considered very thick with legend. The lake is included as a favorite tourist vehicle which is located in Banyuresmi District beckaclark. You can enjoy the lake using a bamboo raft or use the available water duck facilities.
Not only that, Situ Bagendit also provides a suitable playground for children. Around the lake there is also a traditional market that you can visit to buy souvenirs.

Situhapa Rose Garden
Do you like things that smell like flowers? This tourist destination can be the right solution, you know. In Garut there is a tourist attraction with a rose garden that can be a romantic place for you with your partner. Moreover, roses are a symbol as a romantic love relationship.
This garden is located on Jalan Kamojang, Semarang. No wonder the Situhapa Rose Garden is a romantic photo spot for young couples.

Talaga Bodas
Want to enjoy a unique and powerful tour to relieve stress? You can visit Talaga Bodas as a reference. There is water in the middle of the crater of an active volcano. The thing that makes it unique is that you can play in the water or take a bath there, you know. Its safety is absolutely guaranteed because it is always monitored the activity of the mountain.