Tips to Win Playing Shooting Joker88 Fish at ArenaGaming88

Tips to Win Playing Shooting Joker88 Fish at ArenaGaming88

Tips to Win Playing Shooting Joker88 Fish at ArenaGaming88 – In the joker88 shooting game at arenagaming88 there are some tips and tricks to win it. Shoot Fish Online is an Online Casino game that is now very much in demand by Real Money Online Betting connoisseurs because you only need to shoot fish that are passing by and if you kill it you will get a prize in the form of chips which you can later withdraw as your winning money

Because the way to play is only enough to shoot, many people are tempted to keep shooting fish without thinking, therefore we will provide some tips for playing Shoot fish online.

Not Only Focus On Small Fish

This fish shooting gambling game system, each bullet used has a price or value. If you always shoot small fish, it is certain that the pay you get is not worth the bullets you use. The minimum price for 1 drop in 1 shot is 50 credits or Rp. 500. Small fish has an Odds value of 2. This means that when you successfully kill the small fish, you get 500 x 2 = 1000 coins or Rp. 1,000. Obviously when you shoot the big fish, the benefits are much greater.

Focus & Patience

To be able to get a big victory, it is certain that the attitude of Patience is very much needed. It is certain that a bettor should not be in a rush when playing or betting. By playing calmly, the results obtained in the Shoot Fish Online gambling game are not maximal enough. In fact, your chances of winning are getting smaller.

Knowing When to Stop Playing

The next most powerful tips for playing online fish shooting is knowing when to stop playing Shoot Fish Online gambling. If a bettor has tried hard to win but still hasn’t gotten the results he wanted. So it is advisable to stop so that you can relax more and refresh your mind on the next game. That way your chances of winning Shoot Fish Online gambling are far more.

Recognizing Function Of Weapons

There are 3 types of weapons that are generally provided by online fish shooting gambling dealers.

Normal Shooting Speed: This weapon is generally used to target small fish where the multiplication of odds is 2 to 6.
Accelerate Shooting Speed: This weapon has the fastest ability to kill fish. Of course, this weapon is used to kill large fish and Jackpot fish in the form of a Golden Dragon.
Aim For The Target: This weapon has the advantage to lock the fish that you have targeted.